Sunday, July 5, 2015

swimwear to dive for...

It is finally beginning to feel a bit more like I thought I would feature the swimwear lines that are among my recent faves...

Kiini Swimwear
Click here to visit the Kiini website! 

 Kiini Swimwear is such fun! The crocheted color combinations perfectly capture the spirit of               Summer...the possibilities are endless...I'm such a fan!


                               an Australian based line...that you can mix and match...


a luxury brand of swimwear and more that I just's a small sampling...


Merci': Instagram for all the images!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful July 4th weekend! I'm off for a beach hike!                     XO Emily

1 comment:

  1. Great list of swimwear. Kiini Swimwear has unique design and clothing. Check out my swimwear page too > Swimsuits Direct



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