Monday, July 29, 2013

Camp Rosemary...Day One

Happy Monday Mon Ami'!

Now that Summer is well underway...I have signed you all up for CAMP this week...the best news is that you can leave the bug spray and sleeping bag at home...because this is one of the most exquisite camps that you will ever's a little " photo sampling" of what is to come this week...

Luckily the camp bus didn't have to go far for me....I live within a few miles of what the gardening world affectionately calls “Camp Rosemary,” the Lake Forest home of philanthropist and gardening master Kennetha “Posy” Krehbiel. Camp Rosemary (a.k.a by me as Posy's Paradise) is one of my favorite places on the planet!

The "counselors" are waiting to greet us at the main house!

The garden was designed by Rose Standish Nichols in the 1920's and is made up of many garden rooms separated by pines, yews, and boxwood hedges as well as walled gardens. A charming box-edged parterre, a thyme garden, a white garden, a lynden allee, knot gardens and wide grass steps with manicured sweeping lawns are just some of the delights of one of the best gardens I have ever encountered...anywhere in the world....

Posy has loved this garden for the last two decades. She has terrific expertise at reading a landscape plan and identifying specific trees and bushes and is well beyond someone who gardens as a hobby. This is clearly her passion. And the team who keeps the gardens thriving has a job I envy! Can you imagine coming to work here every day?

When asked in a recent article in Forest&Bluff Magazine if she ever tires of having people to her home, she answered, shrugging her shoulders, “What’s the point of having all of this if I can’t share it? All of my best memories were spent visiting someone’s garden.” 

I couldn't agree more!

Posy further related in the article that " I have to say one of the highlights of my life was to be asked by John Bryan to be a part of the planning committee for Millennium Park in Chicago,” she says. “To think that I have this little niche—gardening—and that someone could put it to good use.”

John Bryan, Chairman of the Millennium Park Committee commented... “There is no one like Posy Krehbiel,” he says. “When we built our committee, Posy was at the top of everyone’s list. We had to have her. We couldn’t have done the project without her. There’s no one with her gardening expertise in the Midwest, the country, maybe even the world with her imminent knowledge. There are many philanthropists willing to give money, but we wanted Posy because of her expertise and reputation in the gardening community,” John adds. “Posy is terrific.”

I know you will love this week at Camp...

exploring all the spaces...

and amazing places....

This kind of special detail is EVERYWHERE around Camp Rosemary!

I love this quote from the article in Forest&Bluff Magazine...

"Posy’s theory is that “you are who you are,” it seems that she, who was nicknamed by her aunt just hours after her birth, was predestined to a life surrounded by flowers. Lucky her. Even luckier us."

                                          (Merci':Forest&Bluff Magazine)

So grab a bottle of water and come to CAMP this week...I promise it will be worth it!! See you tomorrow! Sleep well! Click here for Day Two!


  1. Oh how exciting, I keep saying I would like to go to camp as I pack my kids' up every year to go on a fun adventure! Thanks for taking me ... can't wait to play! xo

  2. It's a very special place indeed. A part of my spirit dwells there.



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