Friday, November 8, 2013

Friday Favorites!

I have been traveling the past couple of weeks for work and have been busy planning my daughter's "Sweet 16" birthday party...

but I have a quick moment to feature my favorite images I've run across recently....

I am completely besotted by Ralph Lauren's Fall 2013 collection. I covet the following pieces sooo badly... (big sigh)...I love his nod to a Russian aesthetic in this collection...I might have to make these looks happen for less! I already have some of the pieces...but how I would love the real thing!!

I think I secretly want to be Julie Christie in Dr. Zhivago!
                                                                         (Merci': Movieline)

Here I am in one of my many "Russian"-esque Winter hats...

Isn't this jeweled collar stunning?

here is a sampling of this wonderful collection...

My love of pink continues to thrive...I am really loving this pillow in a local shop... I showed great self-discipline in walking away...because I really have no room for it... I just love it... so I am sharing it with you instead!

However, this gold and pink coffee table book might have to find it's way into my living room...


I know it is early for Christmas decorating...but never too soon to start the creative process in my head...I think this is just fabulous! If I had an all white sided house and a beautiful white front porch I would plagiarize this perfect concoction! Talk about festive footwear!
On the other end of the spectrum I was recently in Florida and these birds were everywhere and really comfortable around humans...almost too comfortable for my liking...does anyone know what their named? As I drank a cappuccino this friendly fellow joined in! Such personality too!

This is one of the best new additions to our local grocery is a sprouted bread that is baked fresh daily with all organic non-gmo ingredients in Waukesha Wisconsin (near Milwaukee). It is so much tastier and fresher than Ezekiel bread that is flown in frozen from California. They make delicious flavors too- Rye, Cinnamon and Raisin and also Pizza Dough! I now enjoy my carbs..guilt free! Check them out here...YUMMY!

I hope you have a delicious weekend! XO


  1. I wish I could possibly look that cute in a hat!! I don't!! Have a great week! xo

    1. Thanks Kim! I don't believe you :) have a great face/hair for hats! xo



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