Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Yes to Yurts!

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A "yurt" or "ger" is a low-impact structure that causes no permanent damage to the land on which it is pitched.

A Yurt is usually easy to erect and can be taken down in an hour. It is cool in summer and, with a stove, warm in winter.


For centuries, people throughout central Asia have made yurts their homes.

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Robust and versatile, the yurt has evolved into the ultimate portable dwelling. Yurts are perfect for offices, summer houses, meditation spaces, spare rooms, or just beautifully satisfying spaces to be in!

With a few common wood-working tools, even an absolute beginner could build the frame for this simple, elegant structure. Many companies sell kits that can be assembled relatively easily as well.

You can make the interior as simple or elaborate as you desire....

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    (Merci': Landnsky.co.uk)

     (Merci': Royal Yurts)


    (Merci': Interiororb.com)

Yurts often have one big skylight at the top center for " a room with a view..."

Many permanent yurt structures have fully equipped kitchens and baths....

    (Merci': PacificYurtsBlog)

 (Merci': ChrisCowley)

Considering the flooding that is taking place this week on the East Coast this yurt might have been placed too close to the river's edge for my liking but you get the idea of the mobility of many yurt designs...


If I was going to design my own yurt I would be torn between doing something in all beachy whites and natural woods or going with bright colors and a space that felt totally bohemian...so what do you think...could you "go yurt"?

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