Saturday, July 6, 2013

Celebrating the 4th!

We've had such a rainy Summer so far I was crossing my fingers as I planned our annual July 4th soiree! Mother Nature didn't let me down...the evening was sublime! Summer perfection!

I decided to use the new lower level patio for the adults this up top on the brick patio....

I have been collecting vintage outdoor chairs and spraying them I can seat 14 comfortably! For this occasion I only had to fit 10 so a couple of the chairs were removed!

I also have been collecting cobalt blue English china...for use strictly outdoors! I LOVE this color of blue in my many of my flower pots are also this hue...

Luckily the lower garden had just begun to really bloom...

  Wonderful friends made the evening perfect!

I recently made a 9 and 1/2 ft. cushion for the bench so that everyone's "tushies"would be comfortable for a long relaxing dinner.....

After dinner we all relaxed in front of the fireplace and ate apple pie ala mode and a fabulous festive cake that my talented friend Leslie baked for the occasion! Of course, s'mores were on hand too! They are standard fare at our house! As the sun set we watched the fireworks just above the fireplace through the trees...a little bonus of our location!

For a little festive fare... red licorice in a blue martini glass....

Thank you Mother Nature for creating the perfect evening....hope you all are having a lovely weekend too!


  1. What a lovely backyard! You have everything picture perfect! I know your guest enjoyed every minute!! oox

  2. Congratulations, absolutely charming.

  3. Your outdoor space is perfect! All the goodies, food and of course the participants looked gorgeous!!!

  4. Perfect Blue and White Inspiration! Love this celebratory look! xo

  5. I love your china collection! Beautiful plates!

    1. Thanks Rachel! I appreciate the visit and the props! :)



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