Monday, October 13, 2014

Tessa Proudfoot...

Tessa Proudfoot is a fabulous South African designer...My South African bestie introduced me to her body of work recently when I was describing my renewed influences in design...she thought I would appreciate Ms. Proudfoot's aesthetic...and she was RIGHT!

was formed in 2001 when Tessa went out on her own after several years of academic study and working in the field of design. She created her boutique design firm after working in Cape Town and living in London studying History of Art at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Tessa believes that great design comes from paying careful attention to the integration of all elements in a space...including how the client eats, sleeps, cooks, entertains, plays and works in an environment. The space that she designs should reflect all that...of course!

In less than a year after she launched her firm her company began working beyond the borders of South Africa in New York and Geneva, Switzerland and Provence France for example. She also began relationships with her clients as a supplier of custom made South African furnishings.

In 2004 her firm, in association with Paragon Interiors, was featured in Architectural Digest magazine after they designed the privately owned Makanyane Safari Lodge in the Madikwe Game Reserve. Here is an example....

Andrew Martin's review also tapped her as one of the world's leading designers.
 I have always been very inspired by the juxtaposition of  "old and new" in a space...those are the hallmarks of great design for me.

I think these images illustrate that point of view rather seamlessly... I am also getting more and more inspired by textiles from around the world recently so these images help reinforce my renewed interest in that aspect of design....

With a name like Tessa Proudfoot...of course she should be working in a field where she can make the world a better 
step/space at a time!

                                                  Happy Monday! XO Emily

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