Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Indian Soiree

I have always been very inspired by Indian culture (and the food alone is a great excuse for a party)! Two Summers ago my husband  and I put together an Indian Soiree on our upstairs balcony for some fun loving couples. The evening began with my children passing out jeweled forehead adornments (aka bindi's) for the ladies and fanning everyone who entered with palm branches.  Festive mango cocktails were served on the patio before everyone moved upstairs to a cozy deck which became an Indian getaway without the long plane ride!


Invitations Were Hand Delivered

The Scene Was Set..here is the view looking up from the patio below....we have a number of outdoor entertaining spaces and for this party we wanted an intimate dinner party for six couples so we decided to take the party to an upstairs deck...
which was transformed from this...
into this...in just a few hours...
I did a special music playlist for the evening...and the weather was just perfection (thank you Mother Nature)!
 My children loved participating and dressing up too...

My fabulous friend Dawn! We had fun visiting our local Indian neighborhood for fabrics for the deck and sari material to wear. Most of us designed our own outfits.
We had food delivered to keep things easy! We mixed things up adding Indian, Greek, and Ethiopian elements to the dinner.

This lantern I found for about $10 at a flea market. I sprayed it white and stuffed it with white stranded Christmas lights for a magical glow.

Everyone sat on Indian pillows and we made our low table from wood purchased inexpensively at a local lumber yard.

 My son added his plastic toy elephant to the decor for a little more ambiance!

We didn't want this magical  carpet ride night to end!

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