Thursday, April 19, 2012

Swim Suiting....

Oh My...ladies  (and guys too for that matter)... Spring will soon be Summer and you know what that means....Swim Suit Season! Putting on a swim suit at the beginning of the season is one of those undeniably less than favorite moments...even WITH the excitement of the season...especially if you- like me- have spent the last six to eight months in a cold climate and the skin below your neck hasn't seen the light of day!

Since I am doing a little getaway to a beach very soon... no matter... I will bravely glide onto the sand ( although I will be bringing a bag of sunglasses for those near me to block the bright white glare from my skin)! The good news is that I will be getting a headstart (out of state- which is the best part) so that I will be comfortable in my "swim suit skin" locally by June! In the meantime here are some of my favorite swim suit images to get the "party" started!!

     (Merci': Clifford Coffin 1949)

remember the good old days when showing too much skin was against the law?

                        (Merci': actsomeclass)


My absolute favorite swimsuit and in my collection...a white bikini is a classic!




and of course a bathing suit post would not be complete without a SI nod....

and one of the best accessories to accompany swimwear....

Bring on the warm weather! Looking at all these pics make me long for the beach!

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