Sunday, June 3, 2012

Inspiration Lane...

I am often inspired by the things that cross my path...some very commonplace...other items not so familiar. What I love is the trip my mind's eye takes when I see things that stimulate me and it's like solving a puzzle figuring out how I can incorporate the item(s) into my are a few things that I am entranced by lately...

Zebra them...can't get enough...think they are dramatic and graphic and I want to collect a bunch....
                      (Merci': JustCallMeGrace)

Really interesting outdoor showers...I love them...and I'm seriously considering building one for trips back from the beach and after the mess of gardening...decadent and practical all at once!


and if you can shower outside wouldn't a structure like this be just heavenly? I don't know if I would sleep there or create a Summer office and studio (maybe both)....this structure looks relatively easy to build and very charming.

                            ( Merci': Pinterest)

I love displays on entry or hall tables that are unique and eye catching. I think this entire graphic is interesting and very creative and I want that table!!
                      (Merci': TheLittleCorner)

these baskets are unusual and I LOVE the combination of the greenery as a focal point within them.
                               (Merci': TheLittleCorner)

This entire vignette is bold and perfectly proportioned. I love the play of something beachy like seashells done in a bold and fresh way- framed in gold within a striking setting- not beachy. Clever!
                     (Merci': SofaLover)

Everything about this room is inspiring...the ceiling...the juxtaposition of bold pops of color against the white. I am very drawn to rooms like these in the Summertime....
    (Merci': Moroccan)

This is so inspiring and relaxing and makes me so happy all at once. I LOVE this color combination and I think it works on so many levels without being "fruity". On a simply literal note how wonderful it is to stick to a bright simple color palate for coordinating beach accessories...
                      (Merci': Luxeleven)

Do I even have to explain what is so wonderful and enticing and inspiring about this image? This is something I will definitely recreate at some point....

I hope you find many things that stimulate your imagination as you move through your week!


  1. So many things to love here!! Love the outdoor shower with the tree stumps! Then the outdoor movie theatre is absolutely gorgeous ... I can only dream!!

  2. The shells are my favorite. Can you make your art/cottage more open? I would love an outdoor shower, too. Actually, I want a guest house that my kids can live in when (eventually) they go away, and return from college.

  3. Where do you get those shells? Very cool!!

  4. I wish it gave a how to on the table :/



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