Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Blue + Orange = FA.."BLU"..LOUS!

One of the best color combinations featured recently in fashion and home design is the marriage between all shades of blue and orange. Here are a few examples across the spectrum!
 I am in LOVE with this dress and I can't remember the designer so if anyone knows please let me know! Merci'!
 CakeGirls Chicago
 (Merci':Free People)
 (Merci': House of Turquoise)
 (Merci':Mademoiselle Dawn)
 (Merci': Grace Bellino onto Chic)
 (Merci': Lauren Guarello from Porter Design via House of
 (Merci': Bluegirl Spring/Summer 2012 Collection)
(Merci' : Porter Design via House of

Mon Ami...Sherry and Dawn from the Style Shack styled a table that went right with my post today!

18th Century Blue Quilt (Merci':

Here is a tabletop from a recent party I attended...I love the richness of the different hues of blues and oranges done very casually outside.

Boho Chic Bedroom with Vintage Flair

 (Merci': Southern Living Magazine) A hint of the blue orange combo works well too!

( Merci': House of

Cinque Terre, Italy...bellissima!    (Merci':

 (Merci': House of Orange just as a POP!
(Merci': Cottage Gardens)

 A Blue and Orange Wedding Party (Merci':

Blue accessories in my peachy, pinkish, orangy office!

Blue and Orange Rock Candy Cake

 Blue and Orange Family Room (Merci':

I had to end this post with the best representation of blue and orange seen on my travels around my area today! A local community is trying to break the current world record for the most pumpkins gathered on Halloween! The wall of orange against the beautiful blue sky is just Nature confirming that orange and blue work wonderfully well together!


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