Sunday, November 17, 2013

Happy Birthday "Mimi and Titi"!

                                                                 Titi and Mimi

I have a twin sister and we celebrate our shared birthday this week. When we were little we developed nicknames for each other when we were just learning to talk that have lasted through the being "Mimi" (and she Katie) being "Titi" (pronounced tee tee)...Next year we will celebrate a half a century of a shared life together!

Even though we are very different people in almost every respect and our lives have taken different directions there is still something about being a twin that separates you from all the "singles" out there.

There is someone who knows you like no other- who gets all the references you make about every moment of your childhood because they experienced almost everything at the same time you did with most of the same people.

As we grow older those memories become more valuable as so many other things constantly change. Here's celebrating our special day Titi!
                                                           XO Mimi

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