Thursday, November 21, 2013

Been There...Shot That...Book Signing

Hilary Rose is a wonderfully talented woman with a cavalcade of design experience producing some of the most beautiful features in all of the top design magazines...yes...all the ones we all know and love...

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She and her friend Jenifer Jordan have written a wonderful book about the "spirit" of design, done in a playful, fresh and witty way...just like they do in all things design.

Hilary and I became friends because she and I have worked together on more than a few projects including the most recent shoot in my home for Better Homes and Gardens.

This Saturday she will be doing a book signing and presentation. Here are the details...

AnnA's Warehouse & Marketplace
531 Bank Lane Highwood, IL 60040 847 .432 .9151

Is pleased to feature the fabulously talented
Hilary Rose...In honor of her new book debut with

Jenifer Jordan.

For those who can't attend you can still buy the book. I think it is a fabulous hostess gift- or a gift to yourself.

Click here for details on the book and how to purchase will really enjoy it!

XO Emily

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