Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Zhooshing Again!

I am a perpetual Zhoosher! I can't help myself it is part of my DNA (Design Need Always)....lately I have been updating my upstairs outdoor patio. Here is a quick look at the progression over the years in this space!

We began simply...

Then went very" tropical garden party"...

Needed a little change last year!

Here we are this week ( as you might have guessed things can change weekly in my world). I am getting a bit more interested in using graphic "pops and punches" in textiles and materials outside as more choices become available...thank goodness!


 This space will always be a work in progress. I am still looking for two interesting modern chairs or an outdoor couch to complete the seating area in the front of the chaises. I am also looking for an interesting coffee table to replace the wicker one I am temporarily using until I can find the perfect thing! I also want to add some interesting "babs and baubles" to complete the space as I would an interior room....


Don't you love a space that allows you to keep zhooshing? It's just the most fun!!!




  1. Omg that is so gorgeous! I would spend all my time there. Love all the colors.

  2. what a great space- just the perfect size for an outdoor hide away. Keep on doing what you do best- zhooshing! Susan at Romancing the Home

  3. We have the same disease! I love your space! How fun is that to play with! You can do anything you want out there that doesn't have to go with your indoor scheme!!!



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