Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Purple in the Garden

I have never made PURPLE a main feature in any of my garden spaces...just a "member of the choir" among mostly pinks and fuschias and whites...however, as I examine the "successes" and "scratch that for next year" elements of my garden (as I find myself doing every year at this time) purple is gaining some ground (pun intended)...how can it not when you look at images as lovely as these? What colors do you favor in your garden?

                                 (Merci':House to Home)
                          (Merci':Saint Paul de Vence, France)
    (Merci':Particular Poetry)
                               (Merci':Campania, Italy)


and in case you had any doubt about the majestic hue of purple.... look what nature can do....



  1. Purple has always been my favorite ... I keep trying in my garden ... it's not my strength ... but I cannot pass up a good purple flower!!

  2. The color pops beautifully against whites and greens. I know nothing about gardening....I kill weeds! But color outside is the same as color inside...what makes you feel good is the way to go.

  3. Oh my goodness, these gardens are breathtaking. I love the purple..Im wondering what will grow in my yard. Im pretty sure the heather will, but the key is to buy tons of it, not one or two plants like I have done. I totally have to get planting this fall!



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