Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The One Room Challenge- Week Two

Last week I began the One Room Challenge! Linda at My Crafty Home Life  kindly invited me to join her and a total of 19 design-oriented bloggers chronicling one room makeovers within our homes or clients homes within a six week time frame.

In my first post
 I began with showing you the basic bones and "style history" of my living room which is now undergoing yet another "refreshment" or "zhushing"!!

Here are some examples of inspirational spaces
 and items that speak to the changes that I am making in the room.

I like the softness this room evokes....

 I am all about adding interesting vintage trays around the room...and fresh flowers too!

Both of these images speak to me with their pops of bright pink and gold accents...

I am very inspired by modern tables....

An interesting "wow"chair with some really interesting fabric is something I want to add into the room...ideally I will find an antique chair that I can redo.....

I need some chandelier bling!

Gold and brass accents are just glam!

I want to add interesting lighting as you enter the space....

I want to add some Moroccan elements into the space as well....

I love many elements within this image... the cool table, the mirror and chandelier but especially...

all of the fabulous....

large and stylish coffee table books used as table architecture!

Old books will play a role too....

and of course I will include all my naturals...that evoke the beach....somehow that "feeling" finds it way into most of my spaces in one form or another....

The ambiance that I really want to evoke in the space is one in which this gentleman would be right at home... yes...a girl can dream ;)...I want a sophisticated, glamorous, adult space that is comfortable but a way that blends many of the design elements that I am drawn to...even though one might not think of putting them all together!

(Merci' for the images above: 18th Century, Pap-aya, Haven and Home, In Luxury, Iluvsnoopy014, Lavieneville, Mosmarkeplace, The Cross Design, Cinnamon Swirlz, Roll with the Waves)

So, I hope I have provided you a little "preview" of what my design mind is marinating on today!

 Happy 4th of July!! Today I am designing a festive celebration which I will blog about this week!

Please visit my blogging buddies to see what spaces they are working on.....


  1. I love all of your ideas. It sounds like you have a firm plan in mind, and it is going to be fabulous!
    Happy 4th!

  2. Oh, I love all the images and I can't wait to see how you mix them all together ... looking forward to your very global design!

  3. That is a tall order, that only you could pull off. I can't wait to see how you put all of this together. Enjoy your party!

  4. Great Pics! Your Living room is going to be magazine worthy! Looking forward to the chair project you take on since I have one that Ive been putting off. Happy 4th!

  5. Oh, it is going to be drool worthy! Happy 4th!

  6. I love the glam that is happening here. Love!

  7. Your inspiration pics are to die for. That Jan Showers room is my favorite. Pops of pink make me HAPPY! I'll be doing that in my room. And modern tables with traditional chairs is also something I'm obsessed with at the moment. Your room will be amazing.

  8. All fabulous rooms should come with a butler! Loving your inspiration pics, can't wait to see your progress.

  9. Great inspiration pictures! You've got a great mix of concepts. Love the bling and the butler. Two tumbs up on the vintage and coffeet tablebooks.

  10. Thanks everyone! Appreciate the props and support!



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