Friday, December 16, 2011

Holiday Night Lights

(Merci': BBCraft)

(Merci': DyingofCute)

(Merci': ChristmasInColor)

(Merci': Sweetwitchy)

(Merci': TurquoiseBlueDreams)

(Merci': ShatteredVeins)

(Merci': TheBohemianBible)

(Merci': Printemps Window Paris)


                       (Merci': LoveAllThingsComfy)

(Merci': I'llbeHomeforChristmas)

(Merci': Masmiguel)

(Merci': VickiHorton7.Wordpress)


(Merci': TheYellowCapeCod)

(Merci': TheBehemianBible)

Happpy Holidays!!

1 comment:

  1. Every Christmas Eve, our block lines the street with luminaries. We meet at my neighbors house, assemble the bags and the kids place them along the street. It is so beautiful when it is late and the only lights you see are those.



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