Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Styling Jewelry...Blue Hues Abound!

My friends at the Style Shack http://www.styleshackgifts.com/ have wonderful jewelry and accessories to mix and match. Recently, we played around with different "looks" for a magazine shoot they are currently working on and I thought I would share some of the combinations I put together....and then, since I was having so much fun, when I got home I started mixing and matching to "re-invent" some of my necklaces!FUN, FUN, FUN..........................

 A simpler tighter version!

A few antique pins for some vintage bling!

This one didn't photograph as well as it looks "live". I had to fashion a "model" out of a turtleneck on a wire dress form for most of these pics! I wore it this weekend over a beige lace banded top dress and it looked fabulous...  if I may say so myself!

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