Saturday, October 22, 2011

Room for Blue...

Each of these wonderful blue spaces made today's post for specifc reasons. They each had something that caught my eye! I hope you find them special too....

This is Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne's house designed by the very talented Martin Lawrence Bullard. Their home was featured in a recent issue of Architectural Digest. This is one of my most favorite designs I have seen recently. I love everything about this room! What I love about Mr. Bullard is his continual creativity. I am a fan!

   This room completely speaks to my love of combining old and new with elements from nature.....
..look at the floors and the chairs with a nod to vintage against the bling of the chandelier and the modern art. Adding in the natural elements of the table base and moss just finish off the three main elements needed in any "current" space! Well done! (Merci': Bear Hill Interiors via At Home in Arkansas)

So creative! This speaks for itself! (Merci': forthehome)

This eclectic mix of items with such a wonderful teal velvet sofa as the anchor of this room just works! I love how the couch is nestled in between the bookcases. The rug adds a casual and cozy vibe...I call this look sophisticated boho chic! (Merci': The

 Anytime anyone can put a wonderful cozy chair in a bathroom they have my appreciation and envy!
 (Merci': Brent Darby designs via House of

This room is glam and funky and stylish! LOVE! (Merci': FutureHousePlans)

Back to the boat theme...Love the blue pillows, the worn blue hued deck, the chess game on the blue board. I love old boats and this one is calling my name..."Emily come for a ride"! (Merci': TheStyleManiac)

What wonderful slipcovers on the chairs in such rich fabric! The contrast
 between the white woodwork and the dark navy shades is dramatic! The lucite chair provides great balance as well! (Merci': The Aestate)

What I love about this room is the mix of old and new and the carefully crafted balance of chic organized clutter!
(Merci': The Marion House)

I love this Barn stall! Barns make great rooms too!


    My attic guest room is on the third floor and it gets fabulous light and sleeps five comfortably! We added dormers and skylights to make sure breezes can be achieved from every direction (although there is air-conditioning). We added a full bath and a small refrigerator (white)  so that guests have their own private hideaway on their own floor!

I don't have much to say but WOW when looking at this room.
 The ceiling and window heights, the rustic floors, the antique bed (okay, maybe not too comfortable but very stylish). I think this would be a great room for a photo shoot or music video! (Merci': The Aestate)

Thoughtful and stylish "bunk beds"

Blue Sewing Room...This is my dream space and I don't even sew.  I would keep my fabrics and gift wrapping and art supplies...just wonderful!

I have a thing about daybeds, chaises etc. This room is so lovely. I think the paint/wallpaper chosen as a relief from the white woodwork is thoughtful and effective. The choice of the delicate blue and white round pillows on the daybed is a great way to cozy up the room! (Merci': The Aestate)

 A great looking functional office space! Who wouldn't love that blue bulletin board the length of your workspace? Although I might need a more comfortable and stylish chair!

What I like about this bath is the abundance of room and light. I love that the bath is placed inside the shower area so that there is still room for a wonderful chair too! The addition of the gold mirror and sconces inside the shower stall are brilliant design choices as well!

If you have two children who need to have two desks in one bedroom I thought this was a wonderful way to accomplish the task. The room still feels cozy and roomy! Check out that cool tin ceiling too! 
(Merci': pinterest)

Extra spaces like sunrooms or porches or patios
        are wonderful as I am sure you would agree. I like the collected feel that this design infuses. There are colorful elements that don't overwhelm and the mix of blues and shutter detail really work!
(Merci': Rocco Bosman from House of Turquoise)

How cool is this kitchen? Love all the blue and silver and clever organization! (Merci': Kitchens)

As Laundry rooms go this is pretty clever...adding the blue ladder to hang drying clothes!

TBC (to be continued) after my 31 Days of Blue are over...I will never get enough of beautiful blue infused design so we have a lot to look forward to in future posts!


  1. Hands down my favorite room is your attic!!! You know how to style a room like no one else.

  2. I agree with the "other" Linda...but that craft/sewing die. Have you seen my "new" blogger friend, Rebecca, she is doing 31 ways to wrap your crap! You must click through older posts to check out the whole series.

  3. Thanks Lindas!! I will check out Rebecca's the title!!

  4. Emily love the blog! Soooo before,I left anthro today I found the elephants, they are in the stock, room & there's a couple of them!



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