Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Party Lives On!

I recently designed and hosted a "Sweet 16" Sunday afternoon tea party for my daughter and 80 of her girlfriends at a local Art Center. I will feature this party and all the prep post the holidays...but as my besties were helping me through this process I thought it would be nice to take the left over "party paraphernalia" over to their shop and design a post party window for the holidays...I call this theme " Hipster Dr. Zhivago meets Candyland and Winter Wonderland"...!

I added many of the items they feature in their shop..."The Style Shack"...

I know at first... they thought I was just trying to unload many of the party supplies on them... as we packed up the party...probably so I didn't have to take them home myself...BUT...there was a method to the madness!

As we packed their cars I tried to explain my vision...

Once the window was done...they were very pleased (thank goodness)'s a view from inside the store. I like window displays that work both in front and in back!

The view as the sun fresh, fun and colorful...the perfect antidote to Winter blahs!

 I love a great "re-purpose or recycle" the party lived on for all who attended when they visit the store! What could be better?

                                    XO Emily


  1. Oh, I love the window, the colors and the concept!!! You are A GENIUS

    1. Patty- I just saw this nice compliment from you! Thank you!!



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