Thursday, May 31, 2012

Fresh Air Design

Everyone who knows me knows I love an outdoor "designed" space. I guess I  am drawn to the juxtaposition...taking something a bit wild and taming it....essentially making the outdoors as comfortable and as "lived in" as indoor spaces.

Here are a few ideas that range from a little effort to full blown fantastic!

      (Merci': 1ideas)

                         (Merci': ClassyandStyle)

                                 (Merci': Femina)

                      (Merci': Flickr)

                                (Merci': GirlinLondon)

                (Merci': Indulgy)

               (Merci': Mondiur)

                      (Merci': Flickr)

    (Merci': Google)

                             (Merci': Tynfryd)

                                  (Merci': GracefulThings)

                              (Merci': PapillonViolet)

                           (Merci': SassyandAlwaysClassy)


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