Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Elle MacFabulous!!

I love Elle MacPherson's easy breezy style...she is one of my favorites!! I think she is one woman who is aging seemingly graciously and gracefully...what do you think? I think she is a cool chic chick!


                               This year in People Magazine...47 years young!


I just think this is the BEST white pantsuit ever!!!



                                              (Merci'; RolexDiamond)

Keeping it real...Elle in untouched photos...still beautiful!




                                                  (Merci': Zimbio)


                                (Merci': EssentialKids)

(Merci': Zimbio)

                                                            (Merci': Zimbio)



1 comment:

  1. She really does look amazing for her age. I'm not even 40 yet (though it's quickly approaching) and my body isn't even close to looking as amazing as hers. Genetics is a bitch!



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