Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The One Room Challenge...Week Six...The Final Reveal!

If you are a frequent visitor to RuedeEmily you will know that I immersed myself, along with 14 other bloggers, in a challenge to redo one room within each of our homes within a six week time period. My pre-teen son's room was badly in need of a makeover. The six week time frame seemed realistic for his room and so it is what the room looked like before we started....

If you are interested in looking at the series from the beginning click here. If you are ready for the big reveal here it is...... the best part about this project is that my son and I worked on it together. He was VERY involved in the design process and helped me with getting this done on schedule! (Please excuse the quality of the photos...I am still in search of my good camera so these were taken with my iPhone).

Here is the view from the doorway entering the room.

We created the captain's bed because there is a radiator (1920's home heating) in the corner of the room that takes up strategic floorspace. So by creating the curtain we hide it from view and it creates a space to lean pictures on. As we collect more interesting photographs or artwork created by Monsieur R (my son) we will cover these walls with interesting pieces.

 The room has two windows and it can be a very bright room. I like that the dark wall paint makes the room more masculine but not drab and dark.

The desk area...we made the bulletin board out of faux alligator hide and found the chair at IKEA. The artwork on top of the bulletin board was made by my son and we found the other antique "ship" oil painting recently at a local flea market.

Here are two photographs- one from each side- of our paper mache- French newspaper covered- Elephant. We purchased this at Anthropologie and it is my favorite item in the room! Underneath the elephant is an antique ship's captains desk. It fits nicely on the wall and stores a lot of my son's art supplies and found objects.

 I had three objectives in moving my son's chest of drawers into his rather big closet.
  • I needed more floor space in the actual room for more interesting pieces.
  • The color of the chest was a little too juvenile for the new room- the blue was a little off. I don't mind touches of different blue hues...the dresser would just be too much of a new hue! However the chest works just fine and I didn't want to get rid of it.
  • My son has a tendency not to always keep his drawers neatly closed...I got tired of asking him to close the drawers. Now, that is a non-issue.

We added a rod for hanging shirts/pants along the side of his closet. I could never get away with this with a girl but boys just don't have that many clothes that need to be hung. Drawers work just fine. The photographic angle makes it look like it is a pretty tight space for the hanging shirts- although in reality everything fits with plenty of room.

The tree stumps collected in the neighborhood came out great and make a fun collection of side tables.
The leather chair also reclines and is super comfortable. I can definitively attest to the fact that my son's interest and time spent reading has increased since he has had it. He LOVES parking himself there for a good book! If for no other well spent on this makeover!

We even had room behind the curtain for his hamper. I really dislike having hampers on display so this little area worked perfectly.

We organized his bookshelf so that it looks interesting and neat!

At the head of his bed behind the curtain is another wall that he can fill up with his artwork or collectibles. Right now, it holds a sentimental of his first paintings!

These are fun repurposed road signs....

 I hope you enjoyed this little series! Now I have caught the "refreshing" bug and will soon be revealing changes in other rooms in my maison! Thanks for visiting!

Please visit the finished spaces of my blogging buddies who also participated in this challenge! Thanks to all of the ladies for their support and encouragement along the way. I would also like to give Linda at My Crafty Home Life (dining room) a special thanks for including me in this fun challenge!
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  1. I love the masculine/collegiate aesthetic. It is really sophisticated. I wish I could convince my 16 year old to do something like this.

  2. Wow!!
    I knew I was going to love this room :)
    The curtains look fabulous.
    The pillows turned out so well, and I love the accessories and art you and your son chose. This room will grow with him for sure...very mature and masculine now!
    We put my husband's ugly dresser in our closet too - great solution for a piece that functions well but just doesn't work visually.
    Very nice job Emily. So glad to have "met" you through the challenge!

  3. This room is just amazing! I love the curtain bed and the dark color! Everything turned out just as you wanted in the design plan. The logs look great, pillows, elephant... EVERYTHING!

  4. This is brilliant Emily! All of those details you worked so hard on made such a difference. It is so pulled together, yet still looks comfy and live-able for a boy. Your son must be thrilled! Great job!

  5. What a HUGE transformation Emily! The bed is amazing and the curtains are perfect for hiding things. I also love the pillows. This room will definitely grow with your son and I can't see it having to be changed anytime soon because it is just perfect.

  6. Whoa Emily!!! I am speechless! This room is amazing, seeing all the projects you worked on come together is inspiring, and I admit, not what I expected. I think you successfully layered all the elements and created an amazing space for him. what a lucky guy!! Congratulations, this room is fantastic!!!

  7. Emily this room looks fantastic! I love the paint color and all the personal touches, like your son's artwork. The bed looks like a cozy little nook. I want one! And, is your son reading Darwin? Imprssive.

  8. Wow. WOW. My eyes bugged a little when I saw the after picture. I'm SO impressed! It looks totally masculine and (what was it?) RL chique? I really love it and I don't even know how to type it in a way that matches how impressed I am. Congratulations to you and your little man!!! You both rocked this challenge so much!

  9. What a great room!! I love the bulletin board, the logs, everything! It looks like such a great room for a boy!

  10. This is so fantastic. That bed is so creative and the perfect place to "get away". The awning that you designed was a great solution. I love the hidden laundry. Your son will remember this, forever. I loved this challenge, and will miss it. I can't wait to see what "finishing touches" you will be adding to your home.

  11. This is so awesome ... curly up in that bed and reading for an afternoon would be so cozy. I love the drapes!

  12. This is an amazing space. A retreat for your son! Everything was well thought out down to the tree stumps - amazing. I love that light fixture. Fabulous dark walls, too.

  13. Thanks everyone for visiting and the nice compliments! This was a fun little project!!

  14. I love it! Very sophisticated. I hope to transition my son's room in such a way. Thanks for the inspiration!

  15. love how preppy it looks with a modern twist!! I have been wanting to do something like this for my daughters rooms {bed w/ curtains}YOU truely have inspired me!! It's like a secret getaway!! LOVE - Great job! xo nancy elizabeth

  16. That is the most stylish, sophisticated teenage boy's room I've ever seen. Absolutely amazing. I can totally see this as a movie set or something. Love it! Hopefully my own boys will have taste this good when they're older. Btw his artwork is amazing too! What an artist you have!

  17. This room looks AMAZING!! Holy smokes, I am blown away and totally inspired. Fabulous, yet masculine, yet fabulous. Did I say fabulous already? I love the navy, the art, the found all came together superbly. Wow, you have an eye and a vision. Coolest teen boy room I've ever seen.

  18. Holy smokes, it looks amazing! I was excited to see this room completed and it really is so so great. What a great room for your son to go into his teenage years with! Really love the preppy eclectic vibe!

  19. Wow! So much detail in this room. This will certainly work well into his teens. Those stump tables are just perfect! I love all of your art and choice of wall color. Just stunning!

  20. I found you through Emily Clark's blog. You did an amazing job on this room. I'm so impressed. i have a tiny tiny room that I'd love to do something like this with. What size is your son's bed? And, how did you build the captain's bed? Also, can you be followed via FB? Thanks in advance, Lizzie

    1. Lizzie,

      Thanks so much for visiting! I appreciate the compliment on the room too! My son's bed is a normal twin bed. The captain's bed is an illusion. It is just curtains hung from a rod and I had the valance made by a local awning company and mounted the two rods (one for the valance on top of the one for the curtains)on the wall with easy to install hardware...see one of my earlier posts in the will show you how I did it. His twin bed sits behind it so it looks built in. You could easily build a platform if you want a permanent structure. I can't be followed on FB but BlogLovin works great and the button to sign up is on the top of my blog. It will deliver my posts to your email every day!

  21. What a beautiful and sophisticated room for a boy! My most favorite element is the awning/ curtains! Love the stylish and eclectic vibe in this room! You did a great job pulling everything together!


    1. Thanks so much Jessie! He loves it still now so that is the best reward!! :)



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