Friday, January 27, 2012

In Love with Lace....Part Deux

I have to admit it.... my love of lace and crocheted items
is only intensifying. I can't explain it so I just have to go with it....which in this case means posting another gallery of lovely images that I have collected. Thank you for humoring me as I pay homage to this wonderfully romantic design aesthetic!



(Merci': InspirationLane)





                                                         (Merci': Chanel2012)

                                             (Merci': ChiffonandRibbons)
           (Merci': desplumesdanslescheveux)







                       (Merci': WeHeartIt)




Click on In Love with Lace Part One for more lovely lace images....


  1. Beautiful pictures! I so want those Jimmy Choo shoes (and some of those girls' bodies!)

    1. Thanks Tiffany! I want the rug, the hammock, and the leg warmers...and the ability to rock a lace bikini wouldn't be half bad either! :)



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