Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Seasonal Planters...

Festive plantings... inside and out...are a great way to get creative during the holidays. Every year I am inspired by new ideas and materials. I thought you might enjoy a few wonderful examples of delightful seasonal creations...inspiration anyone?

(Merci': HauteMamaFaves)

(Merci': GreenLikeBathwater)

(Merci': Canadian Gardening)

                                                                                    (Merci': BeMyGuest Design)


(Merci': BHG)

(Merci': Bring Restoration)

(Merci': Canadian Gardening)

(Merci': Deborah Silver)

                                              (Merci': TheLittleCorner)


(Merci': Fall Decor)

(Merci': Holiday Adorning)

(Merci': OutdoorIdeasandProjects)

(Merci': Dishy Decorator)

(Merci': Garden)


(Merci': The Inspired Room)

(Merci': HomemadeHeaven)

(Merci': BHG)

(Merci': BHG)

(Merci': Fanpop)

(Merci': Google)

(Merci': MyDesignDump)

(Merci': trendytree)

(Merci': BHG)

(Merci': MostWonderfulTimeoftheYear)

                                                             (Merci': PloughYourownFurrough.com)

                                                                  (Merci': zsazsabellagio)




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