Wednesday, December 14, 2011

In Love with Lace...

I am in love with fashion and in design....specifically when used in a modern, fresh way. Lace is so feminine and fabulous! I find myself drawn to it time and time again....

                                                  (Merci': AliceisWonderful)

                                              (Merci': Autumn Cashmere)

(Merci': BippityBoppityBoo)

(Merci': Outfit Love)

(Merci': AutumnCashmere)

(Merci': Bohobiscus)

(Merci': CarlyCannon)

(Merci': Valentino Spring 2012)


(Merci': Flawless-Imperfections)

(Merci': FreshCollective)

(Merci': LaurenConrad)

                                                 (Merci': Movemi)

                          (Merci': Bol-d)

                          (Merci': Lavandula)

                              (Merci': BetheSpark)

(Merci': Touki)

              (Merci': Bows and Baubles)

                                                   (Merci': McQueenadillo)

                                        (Merci': MoveAccounts)

        (Merci': SatanicGold)

                             (Merci': Emilio Pucci)

                                              (Merci': Autumn Cashmere)

    (Merci': FortheLoveofPretty)


(Merci': OscarGirl)

(Merci': Permisorella)

Click here to visit In Love With Lace Part Deux!


  1. The colored lace feels very fresh. Although I don't think I want my daughter wearing that skirt ;)

  2. So so beautiful. I wish I knew where to purchase!

  3. Some great pictures here, how wonderful those shorts and skirts look against long lean legs!



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