Friday, December 30, 2011

Inspiring Spaces....

Each of these spaces have elements that I find inspiring in home design! 

 The wall art says it all of my favorite spaces!! (Merci': LiveforDesign

 Can't get enough of interesting wall architecture! (Merci': Nuevo Estilo)

   Spaces that bring the outside " in" are always among my favorites (Merci': SpacesILove)

Lighting... done well... makes a space! (Merci': Rees Roberts)

The clean lines with warmth infused into the space with fabric and wood make this bathroom fresh and fun at the same time. The placement of the mirrors slightly over the window is interesting as well. (Merci': Home Is Where the Heart Is)

So pretty...without being precious! (Merci':ElsaBordeloAntique)

Great graphic wallpaper (Merci': DelightbyDesign)

Meg Ryan's Home. Great bones in this room, simply accented. Love the floors!(Merci': Elle Decor)

This kitchen is just simple and lovely.... which always works. The chairs are wonderful additions.(Merci': House of Turquoise)

The "Deco" doors with the rest of the room's mix of old and new...(Merci': MicCasaSuCasa)

A lovely space with some classic pieces and I love the infusion of the garden elements.    (Merci':The Home)

What a great illustration of drama through lighting...and unusual elements (coffee table). Again these modern elements in a vintage space...just love the combo. (Merci': CasaCor Design)

Rustic done well (Merci': AutumnCashmere)

 What a great idea! Combining different patterned curtain panels for added oomph.              
 (Merci': DecoratingLuvxoxo)

Mirrors done in such a dramatic and fresh way in a space. LOVE! ( Merci': MirrorMirror on the Wall)

A home office that is streamlined and cozy thanks to that fabulous chair (yum!) as well as the wonderful natural elements and wallpaper. (Merci': SweetHomeStyle)


  1. Meg Ryan's home is on Martha's Vineyard, not Los Angeles.

  2. Thanks for the clarification! I was misinformed on matter where it is it's fab!



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