Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Fur Fun!

I love Fur Fashion...(fake is fine too)! This image makes me smile...a great glass of champagne... Vueve Cliquot will do and a fur wrap..... Tres Magnifique'
(Merci':Cafe Rosa)

(Merci': netrobe)

(Merci': EverythingFab.com)

A fur cape that I inherited from my Grandmother that I love to mix into my wardrobe today!

Fun fur gloves from The Style Shack

I had a pair of tall fur boots that I loved and wore for years. But like all good things they came to an end. For the past two years I have been on a search for a replacement pair. Last year I was coveting tall fur boots from Chanel but after I saw the pricetag...(minimum $1,800.00... ouch) I was on a mission for a way to do the "Look for Less"! After all, these "boots were made for walkin'...and that's just what they'll do"....for about three Winters only!

 I kept searching through all "shoe connections" but nobody was creating what I wanted.  So, as all of us fashion fanatics know.... necessity is sometimes the mother of invention... I took matters into my own hands this year. What do you think? Here are my creations.  


Rue de Emily                                                  Chanel

Then I decided two pairs are always better than one...I live in the Midwest...we have long Winters.... so I created a black pair with a slightly different vibe.... but I like them too!


  1. Hey, boot show and tell time...here are the boots I got for this winter...my friends are laughing at me!

  2. I love those!! Cute and practical!!



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