Thursday, November 10, 2011

Brocade Home...

I love this fresh and fun and well priced home furnishings store. I have listed it among my "Thumbs Up's" because it's the kind of place that can provide just that one (or two) fun pieces to give a room a romantic fresh vibe!

Brocade Home....656 Avenue of the Americas, Limelight Level 2, NY, NY.

Aren't the beads fun as doorway jewelry? It is an updated "Rhoda" moment for me...I know I am dating myself here.... but the Mary Tyler Moore show in the 1970's was one of my first moments recognizing  "DESIGN" as a young girl. I  wanted Rhoda's apartment upstairs sooo bad! For those of you who remember.... whose apartment did you covet more...Rhoda's or Mary's?

Loving all the wonderful wallpapers too!

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