Monday, October 31, 2011

Sweet Blue Tooth!

Happy Halloween!! I have had such fun posting for 31 Days (straight) about the color blue! Today is my last entry for this challenge! I promised some beautiful and inspiring blue edibles along the way and I thought Halloween would be a great time to share some sweet treats with a blue hue! Bon Appetit! I hope you have enjoyed the past actually has made me love BLUE even more (if that is even possible)!! 

Blue Velvet Cake (Merci':

(Merci': Sweets and Treats)

(Merci': Jane Wang)

(All Cake Images Above: Merci': Cakes)

(Merci': cilantropist)

Blue Jello for the kiddies! (Merci': Food)


                           and of course...the classic blue snowcone!

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