Thursday, January 10, 2013

Getting Ready for Christmas Again!

For the past month I have been waiting to see if I am going to do Christmas over again or maybe a better "spin" is that I am off to a really early start celebrating in 2013... As a lady who "religiously" puts all her Christmas decor away by New Year's Day (and not a moment later)... it is very strange to see everything still out and fact, more baubles, bows, and a bunch of new greenery and flowers are the way from some warm far away place...including a new Christmas tree... There is a good reason for all of this... Better Homes and Gardens will be my house guest all next week as we ring in the holidays for their upcoming Christmas issue.
So, early this morning I styled a few Christmas tables to show the Style Director my aesthetic leanings...and the props I had on hand that he and his team might want to use...

I thought I would share some of the quick "looks" I put together....
I didn't have a lot of time so I threw some ideas together on the will be interesting where the stylists go from here...
Next week I will chronicle our process... this should be lots of fun for a design addict and "Christmas-ophile" like myself!
Have a great weekend! XO


  1. How exciting! I love all your blue. I couldn't throw these looks together if you gave me a month. The only team coming to my house should be from hoarders.

  2. love those tables, especially the one with pink and blue floral plate! To die for! Have fun and let me know how it goes! Susan at Romancing the Home



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