Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My Must Have... Summer Colors!

I am mainly a neutral girl in the colder months...beiges, creme, browns, navy, gray and black...you get the idea....but when the days get longer and warmth fills the air my closet breaks out in hotter colors too! These are my favorite colors of Summer....and make up my wardrobe in the warm months...what are your...Colors of Summer?

Anything in the soft orange or coral family of colors just says Summer to me....
    (Merci': SweetSilentPrince)

Gold and Turquoise are a complete fave....
    (Merci': WhoaNellie)

                            (Merci': MermaidChild)

White is just right...expecially in the Summer!
                       (Merci': WeHeartIt)

 I love a butter yellow..hard to find but very pretty when it is done right!
                            ( Merci': BreakfastatBarney's)

Pretty in Pink...


Another staple for me...beige and naturals...a must all year round!
                        (Merci': LunchpinofNonsense)


  1. I love those colors, but especially the yellow. It looks so fresh.

  2. I love all these pictures! of course these vibrant colors look better on a tanned body! I love the chunky jewelry !
    Have a great day.



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