Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mermaid Magic!

When I was a  little girl and my kindergarten teacher asked what I wanted to be when I grew up I answered... very seriously...."I am going to be a Mermaid!"

Well...we all know how that turned out ....but I did my best to get as close as possible.... I was a synchronized swimmer in college, a scuba diver, and even today I spend as much time in lakes and oceans as time permits.  I've even dressed as a mermaid for Halloween  when I was in my early twenties (with the tail and all)....

                                                               (circa 1988)

 Here's a little tribute to those childhood dreams that never really go away.....

If it could just be that easy.... (Merci': MermaidInn.com)

 (Merci': CucumberEarthWater)






(Merci': freewebs.com)

The Little Mermaid in Copenhagen Denmark (Merci': CopenhagenDenmark.co.uk)

(Merci': scorpionsoul)

Even a mermaid needs to stay connected. Do you think she is on M-Date? (Merci': aweirdoagainsttheworld)

(Merci': electricbirdcage.com)

(Merci': Mermaid Inn.com)


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  2. I've loved mermaids ever since seeing Peter Pan as a kid. Mermaids are also sort of a mascot of the city I live in. They're everywhere here.



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